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Tuina Treatments.

In tui na Chinese massage, manipulations and various hand techniques are used to stimulate points or areas of the body surface to correct physiological imbalances in the body. It promotes blood circulation, and regulates yin and yang so as to return body functions to normal. 


Alan has a great talent. Very beneficial massage which gave me a great sleep. R.H.

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Rob Whitelaw
Alan has a great talent. Very beneficial massage which gave me a great sleep.

Tui na can be beneficial for sports injuries or daily accidents. Tuina massage can treat injured soft tissue or tendons by breaking down adhesions and scar tissue at trauma points or joints. The intension is to relieve inflammation, help pain reduction or lubricate the joints by increasing the flow of blood, that brings nutrients and oxygen that can aid repair.

The treatment is performed through a protective cotton sheet so there is no need to remove any clothing apart from your shoes.

Types Of Treatments.

Therapeutic Tuina Treatment

If you have an acute recent troubling injury or a long standing chronic condition then a Therapeutic Tui na treatment could be suitable.

Other supplementary treatments such as Chinese medicine cupping or sports Kinezio tape may be used.

General Tuina Massage  Photo of arm treatment

You do not have to wait until you have had a sports injury or severe persistent pain that is hindering your daily life before you can benefit from a Chinese Tuina massage. A General massage can enliven your overall energy, strengthen your body condition both internally and externally.

Additionally an invigorating Chinese Tuina massage can help to balance your mind, increase your bodies’ flexibility and even help to prevent future injuries.


Head to Toe Massage.

Head to Toe treatment that gives you the time to relax and have your aches and pains treated. This complete massage will encourage fresh blood flow to relax aching muscles and joints that will help you to leave you relaxed and in better health.


Chinese Foot Massage (Reflexology).

A Chinese foot massage consists of an intense massage on various pressure points in the feet, ankles and legs. Combined with a soothing and relaxing neck and shoulder massage as an option. 

Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy.

This ancient healing method has been used in several continents for many hundreds of years. Plastic vacuum cups are placed over different acupoints and along the meridians of the body to increase blood circulation and energy or Chi flow around the body. This in turn increases oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body which promotes self-healing. 

Chinese Facial and Head and Neck Massage.

This relaxing and stimulating form of massage that is based in Chinese medicine. Works by activating the acupoints which terminate or originate in the head, then a state of equilibrium may be brought to the whole body.

Benefits include:

• Improves concentration; Aids restful sleep

• Relieves sinusitis, migraine and headaches

• Calms the mind when stressed.

• Improves the contours of the face

• Helps lymphatic drainage

• Relaxes tense muscles; Improves circulation

Tuina Massage Prices.

Therapeutic Tuina Treatment -
Full Body.
Foot Massage (Foot & Legs).
Neck & Shoulder Massage (Neck, Shoulder & Back).

Prices -

30 mins = £30
45 mins = £40
60 mins = £50

General Tuina Massage -
Full body.
Foot Massage (Foot & Legs).
Neck & Shoulder Massage (Neck, Shoulder & Back).

Prices -

30 mins = £25
45 mins = £35
60 mins = £45

Head to Toe Massage -

Head to Toe -

Prices -

90 mins = £65


Chinese Foot Massage (Reflexology)-
Foot Massage (Foot, Legs).

Prices -

30 mins = £25
45 mins = £35


Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy.-
Upper or lower body.).

Prices -

20 mins = £20

Chinese Facial, Head & Neck Treatment.-
Neck & Shoulder Massage (Neck, Shoulder & face).

Prices -

30 mins = £25


To find the clinic, book an appointment or if you have any questions then please go to the Contact page.




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