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Tui Na Testimonials 

 Please take a moment to read from other happy Tuina converts. Do not only take our word for how affective Tuina can be towards bringing your body back into balance. You can hear from some of our many happy patients who have been finding relief and reversal of many different short or long term musculoskeletal conditions.

I originally began seeing Alan for long term lower back and hip problems. I have now been having regular treatments for over six months and my lower back problems have cleared up, which after years of feeling wonky and fragile, feels amazing! Alan really listens to what you say and bases his treatment on that and what he feels through his hands, rather than a one size fits all routine approach! I highly recommend tuina massage, and Alan is adept at providing it.   S.H  10/2012

Very friendly and caring, very positive experience and have been back since!  E.G  10/0/2012

This was a great treatment and I felt great afterwards. I felt totally at ease and I felt that the therapist had a lot of experience. I'd go back for another treatment. 08/2012

I have recommended this massage to a friend who has back problems. Professional and knowledgeable. 06/2012

I loved this and had been wanting to try Tui Na for sometime having read about it's history. I have already had another session and hope to go again. 06/2012

A really nice chap who gave a great therapeutic massage - would love to have it repeated weekly!!!  04/2012

Very pleasant and worked wonders on my sore shoulder. Will be going back for more. 04/2012

The massage was wonderful. It's hard to find someone that is able to work knots out like he could! Excellent. Would thoroughly recommend. 04/2012





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